Social Listening 101:
How to Increase Social Media Engagement with Mention

Learn the keys to social media monitoring, and find out how to easily boost your social engagement rate.
Thursday April 26, 11:30am EST / 5:30pm CET 

Patrick Whatman
Head of Content @Mention
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Get the strategy you need for more impactful social media marketing!

What you'll learn:

Social listening is a vital tool for marketers, PR professionals, and business owners. You'll see who's talking about you and your competitors on social media, and gain detailed insights into your customers. 

But with so much noise on social, it's almost impossible to hear everything said about your brand. And how can you engage with users if you don't know they exist? 

In this 20-minute session, you'll learn how to:

- Cut through the noise on social media
- Monitor your brand for best results
- Understand your monitoring data better
- Create reports and dashboards with ease

Plus you'll have the chance to ask questions in a live Q&A at the end!

See you there!