7 Super Effective Tips to Improve Your Content Publishing Strategy

Surefire ways to help you find new ideas to create original content, that gets in front of your key audience more effectively!

On-demand webinar

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Shane Barker
Digital Strategist, Brand & Influencer Consultant 
Sandra Chung
Head of Content @Mention
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Learn how to improve your content publishing strategy  

Content creation and publishing is becoming more challenging than ever. 

This is because more and more brands are competing to get their content in front of the same target audience. What’s more, content marketers are spending way too much time trying to figure out the best way to develop, distribute, promote, and measure the success their content. Help!

Fret not, we’ve enlisted the creme de la creme of experts.

Shane Barker is a digital marketing consultant who works with Fortune 500 companies, influencers with digital products, and a number of A-List celebrities.

He also publishes a lot of content.

What’s his secret? In this webinar, Shane will share with you his content creation and publishing best practices that are tried, tested and true.

In this live session, you'll learn:

  • Content ideation
    • Where to get new ideas
  • Repurposing content
    • How to do this the smart way
  • Efficient publishing and distribution
    • Social media publishing
    • Newsletters
    • Syndication
  • Paid promotion
    • Best practices for ads


This session is tailor-made for brands and content marketers looking to take concrete actions that will improve their strategy!