Content Marketing Roundtable: What You Need to Know For 2019

Learn the up-and-coming trends, best practices, and hacks from veteran content marketers to guarantee a solid 2019 strategy!

What you'll learn:

It’s no surprise - content marketing is getting harder for everyone in 2018.

We’re creating more and more of it every second, and every brand is competing for the same eyeballs. Help!

Don’t fret, marketers. We’ve got you covered.

In this webinar, we’ve enlisted la creme de la creme of content marketing experts to help steer us in the right direction for 2019. Together, we’ll break down the current biggest content challenges, key things you need to consider, as well as best practices and tips to hack your 2019 content marketing strategy.

Grab your spot for this insightful webinar -complete with a live Q&A at the end to ask all of your burning questions!

Key topics we'll cover:

- The current biggest challenges with content marketing in 2018

- Upcoming trends in 2019 that you’ll need to know

- Practical tips and tricks you’ll  definitely want to apply to your next year's content marketing strategy

- Tools and processes to adopt for 2019


Speakers in details
Daniel Waas

Director of Marketing @ GoToWebinar

Daniel Waas is the Director of Marketing for GoToWebinar - the leading web events platform with over 50,000 customers. He's a digital B2B marketer with an undoubtable passion for and black belt in webinars. Outside work, Daniel is a geek at heart who loves LEGO, sci-fi and the occasional video game if time permits. Despite these severe dating handicaps, he was lucky enough to get married and even luckier to have a son & daughter. If talking B2B for hours is your thing please get in touch with Daniel through LinkedIn or Twitter.

Katie Martell

Executive Director @Boston Content

Katie serves as the Executive Director of Boston Content, the city's largest nonprofit community of content professionals, and is the author of the forthcoming book “Rabble Rousers: How Transformative Voices Change Apathy into Action.”

Elle Woulfe

VP of Marketing @ PathFactory

As the VP of Marketing for Toronto-based martech company, PathFactory, Elle is responsible for cultivating awareness and turning interest into pipeline. A veteran in the marketing technology industry, she previously held senior demand generation roles at Lattice Engines and Eloqua. Elle is a regular speaker at industry events, and a thought leader in the field of demand generation and marketing operations.

Sandra Chung

Head of Content @Mention

Sandra Chung is the Head of Content at Mention, the leading media monitoring and social listening tool based in Paris. Passionate about tech and marketing, she has helped build notable SaaS brands like Hootsuite and Sociabble.

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