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How Agencies Can Provide More Value to Clients with Social Listening


Everything is now happening online.

In this guide, discover how social listening can solve one of the biggest challenges that marketing and PR agencies are facing today: providing value to clients in an ever-changing online world.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • What is social listening?
  • The key challenges of agencies today
  • Why is social listening essential for agencies?
  • How social listening can affect brands & campaigns
  • How to find trending topics to harness the power of influencers
  • How to optimize campaigns Results
  • How to benchmark the competition
  • How to simplify client reporting


“I think Mention does a great job in terms of crawling capabilities. Every hour, I receive an email that shares the most important tweets for my client. It’s extremely convenient, as I work on multiple client accounts and don’t have the time to monitor as frequently as Mention sends Pulse updates directly to my inbox.”