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Definitive ​​Guide to Social Media Management for Financial Institutions


Whether they are retail brands, sports teams, libraries or even restaurants, most companies are investing more and more in developing their digital brand image and online presence - financial institutions are no exception.

To help them to make the best out of this new era, we’ve put together a comprehensive social media guide.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • What to do once you're on social media
  • Why is social listening important for financial institutions (and how to benefit from it)
  • How to use social media for crisis management
  • How to benefit from influencer marketing
  • How to deal with customers reviews
  • How to leverage social media for competitive analysis
  • How to boost your employer branding using social media.


“We’re monitoring our competition all over the world using dedicated keywords to have a better understanding of our market. We want to know what people are saying about them and what they find interesting about their services.”