Instagram Engagement
Report 2023

Get your brand on top of the Instagram feed, thanks to thousands of data points, trends and insights collected from millions of Instagram posts.
Mention & Hubspot's world-famous Instagram Engagement Report is back for another edition - and this time expanded to cover even more global insights.
The 57 page report contains deep-driven analyses, showing global trends and insights, as well as additional localized insights for North America, the UK + Ireland, and the Asia Pacific regions.

Whether you're new to Instagram and building a social strategy from scratch, or simply looking for ways to improve your reach and engagement: the Instagram Engagement Report is made for you.
Uncover in the report
  • The State of Instagram in 2023:
    which users and industries are on top
  • Instagram Follower & Engagement Benchmarks:
    see how you stack up against the rest
  • How to Optimize Your Instagram Posts:
    we'll uncover which formats, caption length and hashtags to use to improve your chances of engagement
  • Tips to Time Your Posts Right:
    the best time and day to post, depending on your location
  • Engaging with a Global Audience:
    where Instagram users are based in the world and how engagement trends differ across regions
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