How PR and Content Experts Use Market Insights to Increase Reach and Drive ROI

Track your PR mentions, and monitor your competitors’, on social media and the web.

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Content Marketing Manager @Mention
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Product Marketing Manager @SimilarWeb
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Amplify your PR and content efforts with competitive monitoring

You can’t really tell how strong your brand is until you compare it against your competitor's. Their social media strategy, how they work with influencers, and their broader PR approach - they all show you where you stand in the industry, and how you can improve to win against the competition.

That's why we've partnered up with SimilarWeb to showcase the competitive analysis strategies PR and content experts use to stay ahead of their competitors.

We'll be covering:

  • Tracking & Reporting: measure the impact of your PR strategy on social and the web by tracking when and where you and your competitors are mentioned.
  • Market Share Analysis: Benchmark how you stack up against your competitors on social media and on the web.
  • Influencer Discovery: find VIPs talking about your industry to partner with.
  • PR Coverage: increase your reach and ROI by discovering new press outlets.
  • Content & SEO Optimization: discover hot topics in your industry and what’s working for you and your competitors.

About Jessica

Jessica is a Product Marketing Manager at SimilarWeb. SimilarWeb’s market intelligence solutions provide customers with insights into their digital market for any website or app across all industries worldwide. Businesses like Ebay, L’Oreal, Google and AirBnB, use SimilarWeb’s insights to understand, track and grow their market share.

About Joei

Joei is Content Marketer at Mention, a media monitoring tool that allows companies to track, analyze, and engage with real-time conversations about their brands anywhere online.