How to use Social Listening for PR

Monitoring conversations online is a core step in the PR workflow, learn how to convert trending topics into newsworthy stories

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Chief Marketing Officer @Mynewsdesk
  PR Manager @Mention
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60 minute Live Session

What does PR have to do with social listening? A lot actually. 

The digital space is crowded, there are tons of daily conversations happening across social media and the web. As a PR professional it’s extremely tough to keep up with new rules of engagement, across multiple channels. This means it’s  even harder for your story to gain traction.

Learn how social listening can improve your next big PR campaign, find out how you can sift through the noise, and analyse key conversations relevant to your brand, industry or key topic. We’ll show you not only how to listen, but what to do with what you hear.

Jonathan Bean, award winning marketer, entrepreneurial business leader and Chief Marketing Office at Mynewsdesk will share how social listening can be leveraged for PR today. Jonathan has nearly 20 years of experience in brand positioning, strategic partnerships, public relations and marketing automation.

Mynewsdesk allows communicators to take control of their digital PR efforts. From media monitoring, publishing brand stories to connecting with journalists, it’s an all-in-one digital platform that improves workflow efficiency for PR and communications professionals.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Tips on how to sift through trending topics to find newsworthy stories
  • Learn how to identify and engage with your core audience
  • Understand how to identify key contacts, influencers and publications
  • Learn how to benchmark competitors and strengthen your media strategy

If you’re looking to have a competitor edge when it comes to developing and executing a strategic PR campaign, then this webinar is for you!