PR Monitoring 101: 
How to Track Your Campaigns

Learn how to monitor your digital PR campaigns - wherever coverage occurs online!

Wednesday 25 July 5:30PM CET / 11:30AM EST

Patrick Whatman
Monitoring Strategist @Mention
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Track and Increase your PR Coverage

When it comes to public relations, close monitoring is a must.

From media research to social media influencers to crisis management, monitoring makes most aspects of PR a whole lot easier. You can find coverage faster, explore new opportunities easily, and collaborate with your team in a snap.

So let’s look at all that it can do. In our crash course, we’ll take you through how to use monitoring to enhance your public relations strategy.

You’ll see:

  • How to track online press coverage
  • Ways to find and connect with influencers
  • How to measure your campaigns and coverage

We’ll even take you into the Mention app and walk you through which features you’ll want to use for each part.

By the end of this 20-minute live training, you’ll be ready to get started right away!