For Agencies: How to Save Time with Mention’s Reporting Tools

Create beautiful, customized reports in seconds

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Joei Chan
Monitoring Strategist @Mention
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Create Client Reports in Seconds

Deliver detailed, customized reports your clients will love

Great reports help you win and keep clients, and give everyone a clear picture of what's working.

But reports aren't easy to create. If you have multiple clients with different KPIs, they can be a major time drain.

Join us to learn how to save time with Mention's easy reporting tools - create and automate beautiful reports in a few clicks.

In 30 minutes, you’ll learn:

  • How to create tailor-made reports with custom KPIs for your clients in seconds
  • How to use Custom Dashboards and Insights Center to visualize data any way you need
  • How to automate these reports
  • How to grant your client "guest-only" access to their monitoring dashboards
  • How the best agencies win customers using Mention's reporting tools
    ...along with all the possibilities of our tool! 

Learn how to use Mention to deliver exactly what matters to the client!