Mention Crash Course:
Brand Monitoring 101

Everything you need to know to start monitoring discussions and taking control of your brand

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Joei Chan
Content Marketer @Mention
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15 Minute Crash Course to
Monitoring Your Brand

Don't miss another conversation

Every day, your customers and prospects are talking about you, your competitors, and your industry. Brands that aren't monitoring these key conversations miss out on great opportunities to engage, market, and sell. 

In this 15 minute crash course, our content marketer, Joei, will show you how to listen, engage, and make use of the data collected for meaningful analysis. 

In 15 minutes, you’ll learn how to:

-  Set up alerts for your brand based on your goals
-  Limit and filter results to show only what you want
-  Engage on social media directly from the app
-  Generate automated reports in one click 
-  perform competitive analysis to benchmark your brand performance
-  Find industry influencers to amplify your brand reach 

...along with all the possibilities of our monitoring tool!