How to Use Visual Content for Higher Rankings and Better Relationships

Learn how to use visuals for content marketing campaigns that put you in front of top influencers

Director of Marketing at Venngage
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Do you know how to create impressive visual content that builds real and long-lasting relationships with top influencers?

I bet you do. I do too. And Venngage has figured out how.

In the past year, Venngage has doubled down on content marketing and grown traffic, sign-ups, and revenue by over 400%. Now, they use visual content like infographics to build long-lasting relationships with major influencers in their niche, and maintain a 15% growth rate week-over-week.

Want to see results like that for yourself? Watch our webinar with Venngage Director of Marketing Nadya Khoja to learn how to:

- Find and pitch influencers in your niche
- Create compelling visual content for those influencers
- Build high quality backlinks with images and kill it on SEO